How To Look After Your Air Conditioner

Prior to blasting the cold air out of your air conditioning system, make sure that you have given your appliance its’ yearly inspection. Air conditioning systems require frequent maintenance to keep them fully operational. Use the following maintenance advice to save money on energy bills, and make your living environment more comfortable.

Have the air Filter Changed

Although cleaning the air filter regularly is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of your AC unit, fitting a new one each month is even better. The air filter should be replaced on a monthly basis during the winter and summer seasons, and once during the spring and fall.

Inspect the Parts and Wires

While working on your air conditioner, make sure that you have the power switched off. This should be done on the main power switch in your house, and you can disconnect the service on the outdoor unit. Take the access panel off the condenser, then look for indications of burned wires, overheating, melted insulation, etc. Inspect every electrical component to check that it is tightly fitted. If you see issues and are not happy to work on them yourself, it is wise to contact an HVAC engineer in your local area to do this for you.

Give the Thermostat an Inspection

Remember to examine your thermostat to check that it’s in good condition and able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your property. If your thermostat is a mechanical older model, perhaps you should purchase one that is programmable and better quality.

Look at the Unit fan Condenser

Once more, prior to starting, switch of the AC system power. Examine the condenser fan that is on top of the outer condenser to ensure that it’s in good condition. If any cracks or chips in the blades are noticeable, it is time to install some new ones. If your air conditioning system is old, then the fan motor bearings will probably require frequent oiling.

Give the Exterior of Your AC System a Clean

As time passes, leaves, grass clippings, and dirt might accumulate outside the system, reducing its’ effectiveness and obstructing airflow. Carefully wash the debris and dirt specks out using a hose. Be aware that using a power washer is not recommended for this purpose. Furthermore, you have to cut back any nearby shrubs to allow air to freely circulate in and out of the air conditioning unit.

Get in Touch With a Professional Engineer

It’s important to correctly maintain your air conditioner to reduce your utility bills and prevent equipment from malfunctioning prematurely. This way, you will be able to stay cool during the warm summer months. A qualified 24 hour AC repair St Petersburg FL engineer will inspect your AC system and carry out the required maintenance work each year, to ensure that your system is in prime condition.

Correct maintenance is necessary to enhance the efficiency of your air conditioner and receive the comfortable living environment that your loved ones deserve. Do not delay in contacting a local HVAC engineer to address your AC maintenance requirements.